Le origini



The first group of the Cultural Association Atzeni-Beccoi was born in 1975, when Costantino Atzeni (the man who is considered to be the ultimate Mamuthone) decided with some friends to create “the Atzeni group” of Mamuthones and Issohadores. After his death in 1979, the group was then dedicated to Peppino Beccoi, and in 1994 the Folk Association was created.
The aims of the Association are the research and the study of the village of Mamoiada, attempting to preserve the popular traditions.
The Association deals with the world of Mamuthones and Issohadores, trying to enlarge the cultural heritage of the village through publications and researches.
Actually, in 1998 the archaeologist Giacobbe Manca and the historian Giacomino Zirottu published the book Pietre magiche a Mamoiada (Magic stones of Mamoiada), where they catalogued the archeological discoveries of the area of Mamoiada. In this book they analyse the Pietra Pintà also known as Stele di Boeli, discovered in 1997. It is a unique in Sardinia stele, engraved with decorations made up of little cupels and concentric circles, randomly ordered and crossed by a shaft, departing from its centre and ending with a curved line.
In 2008 the Association published a second book by Giacobbe Manca Mito di Mamoiada (The myth of Mamoiada). It deals with archeology, magic stones, anthropology, analyzing again the previous publication, speculating about the history of the people that firstly dwelled the area of Mamoiada, discovering its past and its resources.
Additionally, in 2009, the Association collaborated with the publication of the book Costantino Atzeni-Mamuthone, about the life of a man that has been able to renew the myth of the Mamuthones, avoiding its disappearance.
Furthermore, the Association collaborates with organization and institutions. In order to share the traditions of the Mamuthones and Issohadores, it takes parts to several international events (Santa Tecla-Tarragona, 2007; Terra Madre-Torino, 2008; Brave Festival-Wroclaw, 2011) such as carnivals in Germany, France, Spain, England, Turkey, Czech Republic. It also collaborates with the Municipality, the associations and the committees of the village in order to organize the events linked to the traditions of our land, such as St.Anthony, the Carnival and Tappas in Mamujada (event of food, wine, craftsmanship and traditions of Mamoiada).
Since 2012, it has been taking part to the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change. It is also the project creator of Archeomusicando, an event which links archeology, music and theatre, promoting the large archeological, environmental and cultural heritage of Mamoiada.
In 2014, it organized Pizzinnos de Sardinna (Children of Sardinia) an event dedicated to the children, dealing with the typical element of the Sardinian traditions, such as the clothes, the masks, the tenores and the players of Sardinian instruments. The event consisted in a parade and in an exhibition, which highlighted the commitment of the involved children.
In 2018 it was the official sponsor of Mammumask, the international Festival of the Mask.
Every year, in mid-June, the village is filled with traditional masks from all over the world. It is a three days event, where the association and the committees organize events in order to entertain the guests that reach Mamoiada.